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Senior Move Services

Making Room For New Beginnings.

Senior Move Services is NASMM trained and certified. NASMM is The National Association of Senior & Specialty Move Managers and is the leading membership organization for Move Managers in the United States.

Since 2007, Senior Move Services has specialized in seamlessly transitioning older adults into more manageable and fulfilling lifestyles. Serving as the single point of contact for our clients, our comprehensive moving services reduce stress, manage anxiety, and simplify the overwhelming process of moving and downsizing.

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What do we offer?


A free in-home assessment to learn about your specific goals and interpret how we can best help you achieve these goals.

Custom Solution

Create a customized floor plan for your new place, and assist with all sorting, thinning, organizing, and repurposing of items.

moving Day

Professionally pack your belongings and oversee move-day to ensure a smooth transition.


Encourage and guide you through an often overwhelming transition, while also being your single point-of-contact for any other services needed.


A move manager arranges appointments with estate sales specialists, home repair companies, junk removers, movers, realtors, resellers, senior care consultants, and social workers. They communicate with family members throughout the entire process. They may also design a floor plan, determine if temporary storage is needed, preserve the style and decor or the residents previous home, establish a moving timeline, help clients downsize, organize personal belongings, purchase moving supplies, and tour communities with clients. Anything that is required to move a loved one into their next chapter is covered by Senior Move Services.

Moving requires extensive planning and substantial physical exertion for a twenty-something moving into a one-bedroom apartment. Managing personal property that has been accumulated over multiple decades involves far more work. Hiring a senior move service with extensive experience will be more convenient, quicker, safer, and could potentially save you money from having to take time off of work. 

Yes, we help Mom choose the furniture to take (based on the floor plan), pack what moves forward with her and make arrangements for what’s left behind. We work with other move managers across the country to assure a seamless move. They can supervise furniture placement, unpack everything and put it away. We can arrange to have someone take Mom to the airport and stay with her until she boards the flight.

About half of the people in communities wait for the crisis before making the move. Consequently, they lose control of what they want to keep, give away or sell. Their losses are multiplying rapidly. Encourage them to begin making decisions while they have the energy to do so. Once a new home has been chosen, allow at least six weeks to prepare for moving day. 

Keep in mind that other people will have access to your apartment. We often take pictures of beloved items so that the picture is available to evoke the memory. Ask the children what they would like to have and then give it to them while you can watch them enjoy it. If you must bring the sterling silver and the priceless jewelry, bring a safe if the community doesn’t provide one in your apartment.

The simple answer is because we know firsthand the complexity of a move involving older adults. It’s hard and there are many steps you may not have considered before taking this on without help. We’re experts at helping older adults accept their needs for more support and finding ways to help them maintain some control over their lives. Our empathy, compassion, and training ensure positive experiences for seniors transitioning into a new, safe, and more manageable space.

Yes, SMS has years of experience with communities in the area and can provide recommendations to determine the best plan for your loved one. 

Observe Mom’s appearance and behavior. Bruises indicate a fall even if she denies it. Can she handle her finances or are bills going unpaid? Is there spoiled food in the refrigerator? Has the house become increasingly cluttered and dirty? Can she take her medications as prescribed? Does she know what to do in an emergency? 

For hoarding assistance to succeed, the hoarder must want to change. Simply going into the home and removing the clutter without the hoarder’s consent and assistance creates additional anxiety. This is a time-consuming process and often involves the help of an on-site psychologist. This is much more than a problem of Depression era thinking. The baby boomers, known for conspicuous consumption, will also find it challenging to downsize their possessions. 

Even when the client wants to make the move, it often takes about three months to become comfortable with the new surroundings. The communities tell us that our involvement in the transition process paves the way for a much easier transition. Moving day is much less chaotic when we organize it. We try to duplicate the look and feel of the former home as much as possible in order to reduce transition trauma. This is especially important for those who have dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Client Testimonials

“Senior Move Services saved us when we had a stroke of good luck, found a perfect home for our retirement, and then EEK!!!!--suddenly had to downsize our family home by half within three weeks. It was completely overwhelming. We had lost our two remaining parents in the years prior, so had lots of their things, plus everything that collects when raising children while going back to graduate school and working from home. They were kind and fun to work with and most of all, were really THERE when we needed them, up to when the truck arrived and beyond. After we left, they continued to work with the realtor and their own network to have the house ready for sale and find new homes for special things we no longer needed. I have recommended them to friends who will have this experience in their future, even if they can't see it coming yet.”

“Senior Move Services was an outstanding resource as we downsized our home and moved across the country. Their thoughtful, pragmatic approach was founded on collaborative planning and compassionate execution. From sorting, labeling, boxing, and loading the moving truck, to shipping cars and donating to charity, they made sure everything in our home was taken care of. Moving can be a very stressful experience and they made sure our move was flawless. Thanks so much!”

"I had the pleasure of working with McKenna Zeller with Senior Moves Services in assisting with financing for one of their clients. I was extremely impressed with not only the services they offer, but more importantly how much she cares about her clients. It is as if her client was family and not just a client. She went over and beyond, to make sure that her client was making good decisions for her move out of their home and into their next stage of life. I would highly recommend Senior Move Services for any one who may need their services."